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There is a growing social consciousness in America and a revival of using social movements as a vehicle for social change—with increasing nonprofit involvement and philanthropic funding support. Since the mid-2000’s there have been several notable movements that have taken hold of the public consciousness: the immigration reform movement and DREAMers, The Occupy Movement, Gay Marriage, climate change movement, Black Lives Matter, and a nascent, potential movement developing in protest of the Trump Administration. While evaluating movements has some parallels to established evaluation practice, it also represents some thorny challenges. In this session we will explore and share what we are learning about evaluating social movements, including: what we know about social movements, their components, characteristics, and types; what aspects of social movements are ripe for evaluation; and what existing evaluation approaches are well suited to evaluating social movements.

Speaker Info:

  • Johanna Morariu, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Deborah Grodzicki, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Laura Lehman, Third Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Elide Flores-Medel, Fourth Author or Discussion Group Leader