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Providing evidence of how advocacy activities influence policy outcomes is one of advocacy evaluation’s greatest challenges. In this session, evaluators will discuss how they have used contribution analysis in advocacy: What is contribution analysis? Why did they select it? Under what conditions does it work? How did they apply it in a rigorous way? What risks and challenges did it present, and how did they overcome them? Two cases will illustrate how they have used it at state and national levels. ORS Impact has been working with the Alliance for Early Success to assess advocates’ influence related to state policies for children. BLE Solutions worked with the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to assess MFAN’s success advancing U.S. foreign assistance reform. These cases, although different, offer similar lessons regarding using contribution analysis in advocacy evaluation.

Speaker Info:

  • Sarah Stachowiak, Session Chair
  • Robin Kane, Presenter 1
  • Claire Reinelt, Presenter 2
  • Carlisle Levine, Presenter 3
  • Carlyn Orians, Presenter 4