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Qualitative methodology is a powerful, data collection tool for addressing complex issues, which are often times hard to quantify. But analysis for qualitative data can feel overwhelming. Evaluators can struggle with how to provide meaningful results, whilst maintaining high scientific rigor. In this session, evaluators from Social Solutions International, Inc. will share case studies from three evaluations that incorporated innovative qualitative methodologies and discuss the best practices and challenges with each methodology. The first case study is an evaluation that combined multiple qualitative methods to provide a more holistic assessment. The second is a case study using Most Significant Change (MSC) to capture outcomes from organizations implementing international human rights programs. The third case study discusses an evaluation that secured high response rates to qualitative questions while still ensuring robust and valid data. An engaging discussion will help attendees develop strategies for developing qualitative methods for their own evaluations. 

Multipaper Titles:

Multi Qualitative Methodologies in a Call Center Evaluation

Using Most Significant Change (MSC) to Capture Outcomes in International Human Rights Programs

Strategies for Securing High Response Rates to Qualitative Questions in Online Surveys

Speaker Info:

  • Jeremy Braithwaite, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Karen Chen, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Hillary Eschenburg, Third Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Ellen Walker, Fourth Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Jeremy Braithwaite, Session Chair
  • Ellen Walker, Presenter 1
  • Karen Chen, Presenter 2
  • Hillary Eschenburg, Presenter 3