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Recent changes in the political climate at the national, state, and local levels have put pressure on organizations to engage in intense advocacy and community organizing and created new opportunities for evaluators to support these groups as they struggle to adapt. Advocates and community organizers are focusing more on collaboration, staging protests and marches, and defending or, for some, ending existing programs recently begun.  This session will provide information from the Center on Evaluation Innovation on how evaluators and funders can best help groups plan and assess their work when old theories of change and logic models may not work.  The discussion will be informed by a recent TCC Group study that identified capacities funders need to effectively support advocacy groups and Alliance for Justice survey results on additional capacities nonprofits need to be effective in influencing public policy.

Speaker Info:

  • Susan Hoechstetter, Session Chair
  • Susan Hoechstetter, Presenter 1
  • Julia Coffman, Presenter 2
  • Jared Raynor, Presenter 3