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As evaluative thinking is increasingly used in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, the line between evaluation and strategy is becoming increasingly blurrier. As stated by several before us, including perhaps most recently by Julia Coffman of the Center for Evaluation Innovation in her article, “Oh for the love of sticky notes! The changing role of evaluators who work with foundations”, evaluators are being asked to play more and more roles. Some of these roles are increasingly blending with what would be traditionally thought of as strategy. This roundtable will engage participants in a small-group exercise focused on walking through a few scenarios we have experienced that blurred the line between strategy and evaluation to allow participants to better understand if there is a bright line that can be drawn between evaluation and strategy, and understanding what role, if any, there is for evaluators in strategy development.  

Speaker Info:

  • Deepti Sood, Session Facilitator
  • Lisa Frantzen, First Author or Discussion Group Leader