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In our recent book, Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation: Theory and Practice, we describe and compare six evaluation cases that speak to the diversity of advocacy and policy change evaluations, including a range of evaluation designs, conventional and unique evaluation methods, and approaches to informing advocate and funder strategy. They were identified by 2014 Aspen/UCSF APC Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation Survey respondents as being conducted in the past five years and containing an interesting methodology or significant lesson. A primary reason for developing the six cases of evaluation practice was to surface design models in a variety of advocacy and policy contexts. This panel is an opportunity to compare and contrast the six diverse advocacy and policy change initiatives and their evaluation designs and have a discussion with evaluators of these initiatives on lessons learned that can be applied to evaluation practice.The initiatives are: (1) Initiative to Promote Equitable and Sustainable Transportation (2008 - 2013) to support adoption of policies for equitable and sustainable transportation options; (2) Let Girls Lead program (2009 – present) to create a global movement of leaders and organizations advocating for adolescent girls’ rights; (3) GROW Campaign (2012 – present), a multi-national campaign to tackle food injustice, and build a better food system that sustainably feeds a growing population. (4) International Lands Conservation Program (1999 – present) to conserve old-growth forests and extend wilderness areas; (5) Tribal Tobacco Education and Policy (TTEP) Initiative (2008-2013) provided resources and assistance to five tribal communities to pass or expand formal and informal smoke-free policies while increasing community awareness of secondhand smoke; and (6) Project Health Colorado (2011-2013), a public will building campaign that engaged individuals and organizations in a statewide discussion about health care and how it can be improved.

Speaker Info:

  • Annette Gardner, Session Chair
  • Claire Brindis, Discussant
  • Edward Wilson, Presenter 1
  • Sheryl A Scott, Presenter 2
  • Carlisle Levine, Presenter 3
  • Jared Raynor, Presenter 4
  • Jewlya Lynn, Presenter 5