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Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative approach of using performance-based contracts as part of government procurement. PFS supports the ongoing shift towards value-based payments in health and human services. Key elements of PFS are: (1) to evaluate, prior to negotiating a performance-based contract, whether intended outcomes can be observed and to what extent observed impact can be attributed to the program; (2) to evaluate, during service provision, to what extent outcome targets are being met. This session will explore how dual-track evaluations can provide simplicity in designing a payment mechanism tied to observable outcomes while also allowing for in-depth assessments of program impact that can be used to guide future policy discussions. Dual-track evaluation, that is separate methodologies for the performance payment and impact evaluation components, allows for more innovation in program design than is allowed by a payment mechanism that is dependent on isolating impact for novel interventions.

Speaker Info:

  • Debra Srebnik, Other Workshop Presenter 2
  • John Ginther, Workshop Lead Presenter
  • Ernest Brown, Session Facilitator
  • John Ginther, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Debra Srebnik, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader