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Political economy analysis (PEA) is a tool increasingly employed in the international development sector to better understand the context in which development programs take place, and particularly the enablers and constraints that may affect the achievement of outcomes and impact. Updating a political economy analysis regularly during program implementation encourages program learning and adaptation, which are attributes of successful programming in complex contexts. However, gathering and triangulating data about stakeholders and systems to inform a PEA can be difficult in many international development contexts, particularly those in conflict or which lack rule of law and transparent political decision-making. This panel will focus on these challenges and provide overviews of methods and approaches that have been used to conduct PEAs in difficult environments.

Speaker Info:

  • David Jacobstein, Session Chair
  • Elizabeth Ruedy, Discussant
  • David Jacobstein, Presenter 1
  • Mason Ingram, Presenter 2
  • Imara Crooms, Presenter 3
  • Sheila Scott, Presenter 4