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Funders increasingly recognize the importance of effective evaluative processes to inform their programming and grantmaking. There is an appetite to be smarter grant makers, but how do funders best utilize evidence and learning? Many fail to take full advantage of much of the work they commission. Could the evaluation community more proactively inform donor thinking and approaches? How can the imbalance between evaluation capacity and the capacity to use evaluations be minimized? Drawing on the presenters’ experience working with and inside grant making institutions, this roundtable will foster discussion on how monitoring, evaluation and learning experts can inform donor understanding and processes, and in turn strengthen the uptake of the relevance and uptake of their own work.

Speaker Info:

  • Alison Miranda, Other Workshop Presenter 2
  • Laura Adams, Other Workshop Presenter 3
  • Megan Colnar, Workshop Lead Presenter
  • Alison Miranda, Session Facilitator
  • Megan Colnar, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Laura Adams, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader