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Funders, Foundations, and Grantees: High Impact Investments and Collaboration through Evaluation

Multipaper Titles:

Bridging the Gap: Assessing Funders’ Understanding and Expectations of Program Evaluation

Strategies for increasing grantee buy-in for evaluation activities: Working across the funder and external evaluator to integrate the evaluation approach into grantees’ daily activities

Lessons Learnt from CIFF’s fit-for-purpose approach to evaluation

Crossing Sectors: Building an M&E Framework for the SDG Philanthropy Platform

Speaker Info:

  • Susan Wolfe, Session Chair
  • Tova Hettinger, Presenter 1
  • Natalie Scarpa, Presentation 1 Additional Author
  • Caren Bacon, Presenter 2
  • Jessi LaRose, Presentation 2 Additional Author
  • Sarah Bobmeyer, Presentation 2 Additional Author
  • Casey Whalen, Presentation 2 Additional Author
  • Erin McCarthy, Presenter 3
  • Nina Sabarre, Presenter 4
  • Jane Reisman, Presentation 4 Additional Author
  • Deborah Rugg, Presentation 4 Additional Author
  • Heather Grady, Presentation 4 Additional Author