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“Difficult conversations” occur at all stages of evaluation practice. Little evaluation research about these exchanges exists and the need appears heightened in post-truth milieus. To navigate the minefield “from Learning to Action”, we propose using social communication process theory to promote collaborative learning between evaluators and stakeholders as well as build capacity for socially just evaluation use [i]. Our goal is to dialogically uncover and negotiate across stakeholder contexts, perspectives, contributions, and questions using a series of scenarios to uncover and build on diversity and honoring difference. Tools will be demonstrated for each scenario along with audience sharing their strategies. The session will close by sharing a framework of DP-oriented dialogical tools.


[i] Authors. (2014). Conducting mixed methods research: Using dialectical pluralism and social psychological strategies. Chapter 27 in Oxford Handbook on Qualitative Research. Oxford UK: Oxford U Press.

Speaker Info:

  • Susan Tucker, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Aimee White, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader