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This Demonstration session introduces the “Practice Profile” tool from implementation science as a means of operationalizing a foundation’s strategy, and thus making it evaluable.  A practice profile delineates the functions and core activities that “implementing actors” are expected to carry out in implementing a program, as well as the principles that guide these actors’ behaviors, interactions and decisions.  In the case of foundation strategy, the implementing actors often include program staff and external consultants.  The practice profile identifies what is required for the strategy to be fully implemented, and as such provides the evaluator with specific behavioral and attitudinal criteria to use in assessing strategy implementation.  This session will introduce the concept of the practice profile and walk through the specific profile that was constructed for program officers in Healthy Places NC, a place-based initiative of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust (Metz & Easterling, 2016).   This will set the stage for a discussion of how the profile can be used for implementation evaluation and organizational learning.  Evaluation and learning can occur at both a strategy-wide level and for individual program officers.

Speaker Info:

  • Douglas Easterling, Session Facilitator
  • Douglas Easterling, First Author or Discussion Group Leader
  • Allison Metz, Second Author or Discussion Group Leader