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2017 has been a year of political uncertainty and dynamic change at the US federal level and in many states (as well as around the world, for many other reasons than the US election cycle). As the same time as the supportive political environment transitioned to an oppositional one for many advocates, public willingness to engage in advocacy also shifted, with increased advocacy action and willingness to participate in larger movements. Advocates cannot ignore these changes.  Neither can evaluators. We propose five dynamics that evaluators should consider in order to be good learning partners in difficult political contexts including changes in transparency; expectations for success; field capacity (current and needed); advocacy strategies; and evaluation methods. The panel will be structured as a facilitated discussion among four experts in advocacy evaluation, each speaking to experiences with one or more of the five dynamics. 

Speaker Info:

  • Jewlya Lynn, Session Chair
  • Tim Larson, Presenter 1
  • Jared Raynor, Presenter 2
  • David Devlin-Foltz, Presenter 3
  • Laura Trent, Presenter 4