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In Israel, there exists a policy known as the Tenth Man. Developed after the Holocaust, when the Jews were slow to react to Nazi oppression, it is up to the “Tenth Man” to investigate threats or dangers against the state, no matter how seemingly insignificant (Brooks, 2006). This was implemented to prevent groupthink – the psychological phenomenon that drives people to think and act irrationally in a desire for conformity. This is dangerous to evaluators and stakeholders, because people who engage in groupthink focus more on finishing work and meeting deadlines rather than looking for flaws or inconsistencies within their projects (Janis, 1972). Evaluators and clients need to know groupthink symptoms, including: becoming closed-minded against warnings that challenge assumptions; engaging in self-censorship to prevent conflict; and placing direct pressure on dissenters to conform. The purpose of the proposed presentation is to demonstrate how groupthink can be avoided in evaluation team settings.

Speaker Info:

  • Joshua Chang, Other Workshop Presenter 3
  • Sydney Tylke, Workshop Lead Presenter